Everyone wants to increase their Instagram followers. But it is not so easy you have to do many thing to know how-to-increase-Instagram-followers.

So, in this article we will discuss about how to increase Instagram followers. There are many paid services which says they will increase your Instagram followers But most of them gives Bots and Fake accounts which may result in account reach Blacklisted and something account termination.

Let’s discuss how to increase Instagram followers


As in this article we discuss many things but the most easy way to increase follower is to follow other users who have million of followers and after 1-2 hour unfollow them. Try this again and again pick your limit 40-50 user every 3 hours. This will surely increase your followers But you have to do this again and again. Try with big numbers like 100 million or 50 million+ followers account. Don’t go over limit 50 follow/per hour to keep your account safe from spam.
#1:Instagram introduction
One of the biggest social media platform on internet. It have more than one Billion Active users one Billion Active users monthly. Instagram was introduced in October 2010. In first 3 months Instagram got 1 million Downloads and in 2021 it goes over 2.5 billion. Instagram was owned by CEO of Facebook Mark zuckerberg. Instagram currently ranks 6th in the list of highest number of active users on any social media platform. USA and India have highest number of active users on Instagram which is around 200 million active users per day. Cristiano Ronaldo is most followed account on instagram after Instagram’s official account.Ronaldo have more than 270 million followers with 3000+ posts.

#2:How to spot a follower is Real or Fake
Many user wanted to grow their Instagram followers by getting fake followers. Those Accounts are Fake bots or Fake Accounts handled by Paid Softwares. But they don’t know that If they will do this there accounts may be Terminated or Blacklisted by Instagram. You will not get any organic reach after that your post will be visible to limited users. Now the main topic is that how to spot that fake accounts and protect your Account from spam.

So,The firstly you must not purchase followers from spammers and smm panels. Those sites gives followers but out of them 90% are Bots or Fake Accounts created by paid softwares. Don’t follow inactive Accounts and must don’t use follow for follow algorithm.

#3: Use Keywords to
increase followers
Many users does not even add a bio and thinks that they will get lots of followers. To grow your Account organically you must optimize your Account. Firstly you must use your name similar to your username. Add bio your bio must contain you username once Try to put lengthy Bio. Switch Account to professional Account You will get more features to manage your Account. Your profile Image should be of high quality and Attractive this is most important thing. Put your other social media link in Bio and don’t send spam messages to someone.How to increase instagram followers

#4:Use Trending Keywords and Tags
While posting you edit photo or video add a song but forget to add a Tag or Trending keywords which matters the most. There are many tools to find Trending Hashtags keywordtool is one of my favourite tool.This is an free tool for small users who post 1-2 post a day and If you want to use paid service you can try ingramar is one of best paid keyword reasearch tool. Keywords used in caption are also an Great way to increase user engagement. Always use trending topics in caption It will perform good effect on your post rankings.

#5:Be active Follow some
other users
Instagram allows us to follow upto 50 user per hour why not we use it. As we know following/unfollowing celebgrams will increase our followers. Why not repeat it continuesly To get a good number of followers without being Blacklisted. Keep continuesly posting to get recommended to others The more you consistant the more you reach increase always try to post daily. This will increase user engagement and chances to rank higher in search option.

#6:Use cross promotion To Know how to increase instagram followers
This is the most easy way to increase your followers easily without any cost. Cross promotion means followers exchange You will promote him and he will promote you. By this ways you can increase 1000+ followers per day. Many users search for how to increase instagram followers so you can exchange your post with them.

#7:Run Instagram Ads And Know how to increase instagram followers
This is an paid but a good way to increase followers. So,let me guide you step by step how to setup Instagram ads.

#1: You must Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This is important step. This step is not repetetive You have to do this once.

#2:After this whenever you make a post there is an option to promote it click on it to create campaign and promote your Account.

#3:Here all set now select targeting and start you campaign by paying on it.